Our Purpose

Force 6 was founded in 1995 by Jim Lavalley with the goal to design, test, and manufacture the best water safety gear in the world.  25 years plus later, he’s still designing and testing gear.

We are Hell-bent on saving folks from Mother Nature.

Force 6 is a progressive company that manufactures some of the best water rescue PFDs in the world.  We are committed to providing the best available equipment to the Rescue Professional. Since 1995, Force 6 has provided the highest quality equipment available to Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Government Agencies, and the Military.

Our Products
The products that Force 6 offers to their customers are the finest available from the industry's highest quality manufacturers. Please check our site often as we are constantly adding new and improved products that are valuable to the Rescue Professional.

Our Commitment
Force 6 Safety Products is committed to manufacturing the Worlds best Swiftwater Rescue PFD. Our commitment also extends to providing the best Rescue equipment available, with customer service that is second to none.